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eCourtroom is a virtual courtroom used in the management and hearing of some matters before the Federal Court of Australia or Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. These include: ex parte applications for substituted service in bankruptcy proceedings and applications for examination summonses by allowing directions and other orders to be made online, in general Federal Law matters. 

eCourtroom is integrated with eLodgment, providing parties with a link to eLodgment to file documents. Additionally, eCourtroom provides parties with a facility to exchange correspondence and draft documents through the supplementary eCase Administration application.

A transcript facility provides a record of all messages posted by the presiding Judicial Officer and the parties in any matter that is conducted via eCourtroom. This transcript is viewable by parties as well as the public.  However, documents posted or filed are only viewable to parties to the action and the Judicial Officer. 

The terms of use are contained in the eCourtroom Protocol available on the Federal Court website.   You must adhere to these requirements when using the eCourtroom.    In essence, it is important for you to conduct yourself as though you are in a real courtroom.   This means that the judge or registrar will control and initiate the discussion and submission of material and the eCourtroom is not to be used as a free form environment for ad hoc informal liaison between the parties and chambers.   It is designed to be an efficient way to interact over time without the need for physical court attendance.

Culturally Sensitive Material
The Court respects and recognises continuing customary laws, beliefs and traditions. Some of the items in the eCourtroom include material of a culturally sensitive nature that may cause sadness or distress to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We ask that at all times you use materials in a manner that gives due respect to customary laws, beliefs and traditions. Before using materials in communities, please seek the advice of senior community members as to appropriate procedures and protocols to be adopted.

Accessibility Assistance
If you experience difficulty registering for eLodgment or lodging a document, please contact your local Registry.

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